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Ply-tech Corporation
Location: Glasgow, KY
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Comment: Ply-Tech produces high quality hardwood plywood for the most demanding architectural, furniture and cabinet applications
Description: Since its introduction, Ply-Tech Corporation has grown to become an innovative industry leader in the manufacturing of veneered wood products. Ply-Tech produces high quality hardwood plywood for the most demanding architectural, furniture and cabinet applications.

Founded in California in 1988, Ply-Tech Corporation was based on the three principles of quality, value and personal service. With a strong reputation for high quality products and the ability to meet today's demanding schedules, Ply-Tech soon became a nationally recognized company. In order to meet growing demand, Ply-Tech moved to a larger facility located on a 30-acre site in Glasgow, Kentucky in 1994. Strategically located in the heart of the U.S. veneer industry, Ply-Tech now has instant access to raw materials and the ability to ship quickly and efficiently to any point in the United States.

Ply-Tech Corporation is also dedicated to maintaining its position as a comprehensive state of the art plant that will provide you with a quality product that is second to none. Ply-Tech can provide flat panels as well as specialty shaped products. This includes everything from the finest architectural work to the most cost efficient furniture parts. We also provide veneer and lumber band, custom core construction, boring and intricate edge detailing utilizing the most advanced CNC equipment. New achievements in veneer technology now allow the efficiency and consistency of veneer to be utilized on shaped products where never before possible.

However, highly efficient machinery alone does not replace personal service. People are the backbone of our industry. The Ply-Tech staff includes a dedicated team of specialists from the receiving and processing of your order, to the delivery of the finished product. Our expertise can help you complete a job more efficiently and profitably with the same dedication to all orders regardless of size. This is why major furniture, cabinet and architectual firms across the country turn to Ply-Tech Corporation for solutions.