About ETK International, Inc.

Who we are
ETK International, Inc. is your global supplier of industrial machinery and OEM spare parts.

More about us
ETK International, Inc. was founded in October 2003 by Douglas Todd, a former employee of Wemhöner America. Growing up in Bavaria, Germany gave Douglas an appreciation for some of the world's finest machinery and machine processes.

Building upon a reputation for providing the highest quality parts and service for Wemhöner presses, ETK International quickly broadened it’s impact into all areas of the industrial woodworking and glass industries. Today, we are proud to serve industries as diverse as aerospace, agriculture, alternative energy, automotive, chemical processing, construction, cruise ships, defense, energy, farming, food processing, forestry, gas and oil, logging and timber, metal fabrication, mining, paper, pharmaceutical, plastics, steel production, textiles, trucking, and more.

Headquartered near Charlotte, North Carolina, ETK International’s unwavering mission has been to offer the very best industrial machinery, OEM spare parts and superior service available anywhere. An office just outside Munich, Germany allows ETK to manage access to and shipments from some of the the world's leading manufacturers.

The Company continues to develop quality industry relationships in order to offer the broadest range of superior products and services at affordable prices.

What we do
We specialize in the supply and distribution of products from industry-leading manufacturers of:

  • New, Used and Reconditioned Industrial Machinery
  • OEM Spare Parts, Components and Accessories
  • Machine Service for all your equipment needs

To all of you, from all of us at the ETK International Online Store - Thank you and Happy Shopping!

Douglas Todd

President, ETK International, Inc.