Distance Sensors

Distance Sensors

ifm pmd sensors with time-of-flight measurement (pmd = Photonic Mixer Device) combine the following advantages: long range, reliable background suppression, visible red light, high excess gain and all that in connection with either laser class 1 or 2. In the same price range as standard sensors, these units are a clever alternative.

Easy handling
The switch point is set easily to the nearest centimeter via "+/-" buttons and display, by turning the setting ring (easy turn) or via IO-Link, which also allows read-out of the actual value.

Any surface and any mounting position
Shiny, matte, dark or light objects of any color: The OID features reliable background suppression and allows any angle of incidence and thus flexible mounting positions. This simplifies installation and saves costs.

Laser class 1
Versions with laser class 1 meet the requirements of applications in the automotive industry.

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