euroTECH Suction Cup BSP 160 R Pressmaster Roll-on (Silicone)

euroTECH translucent silicone Suction Cup BSP 160 R (BSPS.10.182), 160mm diameter, 110mm height, Roll-on.
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  • euroTECH drawing # BSPS.10.182
  • euroTECH article # M004240
  • Attachment: Roll-on *
  • Material: Silicone
  • Diameter:160 mm
  • Carrying capacity (vertical): 57 Kg
  • Carrying capacity (horizontal): 115 Kg
  • Special discounts available for ordering larger quantities, Please contact us for quote.
Features and Benefits

The suction plate series R with grooved rubber support and a short rubber lip is suitable for thin materials with a smooth surface like glass or perspex sheets. Fast and cost efficient exchange of the seal by rolling it up onto the Baseplate

The grooved rubber support prevents deformation of the material. Because of the articulation piece between Baseplate and suspension bolt ( 10° to all sides ), the Baseplate will adapt itself to the curvature of the thin material.

* The innovative euroTECH roll-on design pairs a roll-on style suction cup with a corresponding baseplate. The suction cup rolls up over the top of the baseplate and fits down into a groove machined into the baseplate. No glues or clamps are required, as residual stress holds the suction cup in place. Replacement is quick and cost-effective. Please inquire before attempting to retrofit your old style baseplates with the new roll-on style suction cups, as a replacement suction cup assembly including suction cup, baseplate and suspension bolt may be required.