Where do your machines and parts come from?
The majority of the machine and parts manufacturers represented on this website are located in Germany. Manufacturers in Italy and the USA are also represented.

Does ETK stock every item it offers for sale?
ETK maintains some inventory in North Carolina, USA, primarily as a courtesy to our existing customers who re-order parts on a regular basis. We have drop shipment agreements and aggressively negotiated shipping prices in place to make getting your product in a timely manner a priority. We do not stock products which are custom manufactured / assembled.

What if I need something urgently and the product is "Backordered"?
Contact us right away! We may have a shipment in transit. We may be aware of stock in another location. The manufacturer may have stock that can be dropshipped immediately. The manufacturer may make a provision, for an extra fee, to rush assemble or manufacture a product on your behalf.

When will my Product ship?
As a courtesy to our customers, ETK stocks select items for re-order purposes. Should our current stock be depleted, you will see an estimate of how long it may take to replenish our stock using non-urgent shipping schedules. Likewise, for non-stocking items, you will see an estimate of how long it may take for us to receive your product from the manufacturer (again, using non-urgent shipping schedules). Please note that the amount of additional time required to deliver the product to your door will be determined by the shipping method selected at the time of order. Depending upon the circumstances, dropshipping and/or expedited shipping may be available. For International orders, please allow for potential Customs delays.

What if I can’t find what I am looking for on your website?
Contact us. From locations in the USA and Germany we are happy to help you track down unlisted products, hard-to-find or even discontinued items.

What industries do you serve?
ETK has concentrated on the Industrial Woodworking (Raw board, plywood, laminate, veneer, flooring and cabinetry), Industrial Glass (Raw, Flat / Float), Industrial Plastics and Food industries, though our customers represent companies in nearly every industry imaginable.

What types of payment do you accept?
Customers can choose to to make payments from a variety of convenient methods such as PayPal Invoice or Bank wire (pre-payment required for billing addresses outside the Continental United States), credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX), or Purchase Order (for Corporate account holders).

When is my credit card charged?
For products that ship within 30 days, Credit Cards are charged when your product ships. For products having extended Lead Times, Credit Card charges are captured prior to the 30 day authorization expiration. If you have special requirements, please contact us.

Do you ship Internationally?
ETK will ship anywhere we are permitted to by U.S. law.

Do you have Corporate Accounts?
Yes we do. Contact us.

I am Sales Tax Exempt. How do I use the Checkout?
Contact us right away with a copy of your State's Sales Tax Exemption certificate. We will put that document on file, create a Corporate Customer account for you, and provide you with a secure login for Tax Exempt Checkout.

Can I order online using a Purchase Order?
Corporate account holders have the option of supplying a company Purchase Order number at Checkout, as well as paying by credit card, if desired.

Can I use my own Shipper Account?
Yes. Contact us and we will set that up for you.

I have special shipping or pricing needs and do not want to Checkout without addressing them, first. What do I do?
If you are viewing a specific product, click the Request Information button and let us know what you need. We will respond with an email link to a Quotation.

Some products on your site do not have an Add to Cart button. Why not?
Products requiring custom assembly, custom cuts, additional customer details, are too heavy to ship by common carrier and require a freight forwarder, etc need to be quoted prior to purchase. You can request a quotation for a given product by clicking the Request Information button.